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Welcome to Efighting League

According to Newzoo, there are more than 2.3 billion active gamers in the world this year, of which 46%, or 1.1 billion, spend money on games. The games market will reach $137.9 billion in 2018, with digital revenues accounting for 91% of the market, or $125.3 billion.

Further to this, there are over one billion fans world wide of mixed martial art & boxing personalities; EFLGG marries these two demographics to make a league, a business & an economy with endless possibilities.

EFLGG is an Esports Fighting League, whose teams are made up of sports personalities and other celebrities, who run/own/operate an esports team made up of pro players. The Games we cover are:

Mortal Kombat
Counter Strike Global Offensive
Injustice 2

The EFLGG will also have an education program (EFL-Edu) for schools and colleges.

The Scrim Group, under www.stones.gg, has been using esports as methods of introducing and lighting up the imagination of young people to subjects and skills like ‘Dev & Technology’, ‘Graphics’ and ‘Media’, as workshops or extracurricular clubs.

This tried and tested program will NOW be run by EFLGG, allowing all schools access to this after school club across the world, uniting students across the world through gaming.

On top of that the school will also be empowered with the knowledge in these subjects, given a domain, a server, applications and the medium to run their own esports team, online school magazine and open their students up to the world more.   The team bosses also get to pick some schools of their choice, making this very much an international project.

Developed by students, run by students, for students, globally… with guidance and mentoring by the EFLGG and its partners.

Our Partners



EFLGG hits 5000 followers on Twitch

After a very successful start, EFLGG has hit over 5000 followers on Twitch in the first 4 months of broadcasting. Thanks to a platform of hugely innovative and creative content viewers from all over the world created a global community to tune [...]

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EFL One Exceeds Expectation

We are proud to announce our statistics from our first event, EFL One at the London Troxy. Our whole team has been humbled by the sheer amount of support and viewership for our first event. With support from partners like 704Games, Valve, [...]

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efighting league reaches 1 MILLION interactions

17th November 2018 - 1NZ@ne efighting League, EFL , reaches the 1 Million mark (see previous news http://efightingleague.com/efl-reaches-over-800k-social-media-interactions for more information)   Update from last count of 821,000 Platform Total Made up of Youtube 309 likes/ views/ comments instagram 83,032 likes / [...]

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EFL reaches over 800K social media interactions

10th November 2018 - Alex 'knight_warrior_deluxe' EFL reaches a total of 821,000 interactions across our group of social media accounts, in Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and Instagram. Sources: Ben Nguyen (@ben10mma), Mark Hunt (@markhuntfighter), Umesh Perera (@aperezane) and Linkup TV (@linkuptv). All [...]

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Our Games

Mortal Kombat
Injustice 2
Counter Strike Global Offensive

Who’s Behind The EFL

Meet the team behind the EFL

Ian Langstaff
Ian LangstaffDirector
Ian has been in the TV industry for 35 years with a lean towards live broadcasts gambling and sports. He has produced 1000’s of hours for major broadcasts worldwide using Winmedia.

Ian is also one of the men behind the famous eSport Truck Big Betty plus other associated eSports initiatives

Umesh Perera
Umesh PereraFounder of Scrim
Umesh Perera is a technologist, serial inventor and eSports/gaming industry expert, with over 25 years of experience working with NASDAQ and FTSE 100 international corporations. Within the Security, Financial and Gaming sectors he has a rich history of over 30 years of producing intellectual property and his motto has been ‘Producing Innovative Disruptive Technologies’.

For many decades he has been a keen gamer, which resulted in him being ranked highly as a pro in Quake and Counter Strike during the early 2000’s. Since 1999 Umesh has been donating to and supporting the gaming industry; also using eSports as a method of educating and bringing opportunity to youth and young adults.

John Armstrong
John ArmstrongBusiness Development Director
John is the EFL Business Development Director and is a well known consultant to the games and esports industry, covering mobile, PC, console games, and casino.
He has more than 25 years of experience in the tech industry and 18 years in the multifaceted games industry. Working with companies across sports and media,
he has collaborated on agreements with some of the largest sports, music, movie, and entertainment entities worldwide.

John is also the owner of the World Gaming Executives business network, which has more than 50,000 members, including 30,000 in the LinkedIn group of that name.


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