EFLGG Smashes 10 million minutes watched!

EFLGG’s Twitch channel has smashed over 10,000,000 (TEN MILLION) minutes watched over the course of the last four months of broadcasting.

EFLGG’s Twitch community has been explosively growing throughout the course of 2019 with the addition of new smash hit TV production ‘CSGO Fight Night’ taking centre stage since March 5th fonte dell’articolo. Other shows that have brought in global viewership include the coverage of ESEA Mountain Dew League Australia and the ECS Season 7 Pinnacle Cup, which offer an action packed, high octane bloodbath of professional Counterstrike.

We’d like to thank the 775,000+ unique viewers who have helped us break such unbelievable milestones!

For our schedule and broadcasts please see EFL.GG/TV

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